Jack-Jack Is A Handful In ‘The Incredibles 2’ Teaser


In 2004 Disney/Pixar came out with the best version of the Fantastic 4 possible, ‘The Incredibles’. Fans wanted a sequel, most way more than a Cars 2, 3, or Planes, but Disney/Pixar waited, until now. The Incredibles 2′ is a thing and above is the first teaser.

Syndrome stole baby Jack-Jack out of revenge and thinking he was a defenseless baby they would have to save the day. Jack Jack doesn’t just have a single power, he seems to have all of the powers. The film ends with the Underminer returning, and that was it, for 14 years. There was also the short film that came out after called Jack-Jack Attack which was basically what the babysitter Kari was going through while the Incredibles were out on their adventure. Jack-Jack’s powers were coming out all over the place. For the teaser above Jack-Jack shows off his powers, and his dad Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) finally gets to find out Jack-Jack has powers, and how freaking screwed he is going to be raising him.

The teaser looks incredible (get it?) and the animation looks much better than it did 14 years ago, we are ready.


‘Incredibles 2’ releases June 15, 2018.

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