Jake Gyllenhaal Becomes A Real Hero In ‘Stronger’ Biopic Trailer


Heroes come in different forms and sizes.

There’s the guy that runs into a building to save the old lady from the fire. There are the men and women who join the armed forces. Then there’s Jeff Bauman.

Jeff (Jake Gyllenhaal)’s girlfriend Erin Hurley (Tatiana Maslany) was running in a race and Jeff, out of character, would be at the finish line waiting for Erin. Unfortunately, that race was the 2013 Boston Marathon where someone set off a bomb at the finish line. Jeff Bauman was one of those injured and Jake lost both of his legs in the attack.

After the hospital stay came the hard part, recovery. Jeff would have to endure rehabilitation and learn how to live his life without his legs. There would be many times that Jeff would want to give up, but he would pull it together, and become a symbol of hope for the people of Boston and the rest of the world.


‘Stronger’ releases September 22, 2017.