We Don’t Want to Take Credit for James Franco’s For Your Consideration Ad for ‘Spring Breakers,’ But…

Way back in the days of yore, when shorts came in different colors and shurikens in different flavors, we met a new kind of James Franco. A James Franco who spouted his ‘spicions through grille-plated teeth, cackling maniacally as he danced with the ivories over a Britney Spears sonata. That was when we knew him to be a sure-fire candidate for the Academy Awards. Yes, Franco’s turn in Spring Breakers deserved an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, no doubt. As such, we put together the following Faux Your Consideration ad in celebration of the actor’s performance in Harmony Korine’s masterful attack on the human condition:

Spring breakers for your consideration adHollywood.com

And now, almost six months later, the actual world has followed suit. A real For Your Consideration ad has surfaced for Franco, making a plea for his rightful passage into the Academy’s roulette of award-worthy names. The Hollywood Reporter debuted distributor A24’s below banner — a promotional shot from the film coupled with some high praise from Village Voice‘s Scott Foundas — which is the first step toward winning Franco that deserved  trophy…

Spring Breakers For Your Consideration AdA24 Films

…well, second. We still hold fast to the fact that We started this thing.

Okay, Franco and Korine started it. So, we were second. This is third. Either way, give him an Oscar.

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