James Franco’s ‘This Is The End’ Mural Is Actually Kind of Cool

Credit: Hollywood.com

Despite our penchant to think little of any extracurricular exploit taken on by James Franco — to bash his politically-charged poems, to malign his shoe commercials, to cock our heads at a stark 45-degree angle over his being named the Daytona 500’s Grand Marshal — we begrudgingly admit that his latest artistic venture is actually kind of cool.

The actor teamed with the Brooklyn-based Sky High Murals to illustrate the starring cast members of his upcoming adventure comedy This Is the End on a brick wall in Williamsburg. Maybe it’s because Franco is actually involved with the film, and, as such, doesn’t seem to be just tossing his two cents at a subject that nobody asked him about. Maybe it’s the depiction of costar Jonah Hill as an albino zombie (foreshadowing?). Maybe it’s the delightfully infantile way that Franco signed his name. Whatever the reason, we’re on board with this one.

This Is the End, written and directed by star Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, hits theaters June 12.

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