James Van Der Beek, Oscar Winner? Up for New Kate Winslet Drama

James Van Der BeekJames Van Der Beek, currently enjoying quite a resurgence in his post-Dawson’s Creek career, is in negotiations to join director Jason Reitman‘s next film, Labor Day.

Van Der Beek, who has been receiving raves for his oddball performance as a fictionalized version of himself on ABC’s hit midseason series Don’t Trust the B—– in Apartment 23, would play a police officer in the drama, alongside Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet.

With the Beek’s recent surge, coupled with the lack thereof that preceded it, is it safe to say that he has now surpassed his friend and former costar Joshua Jackson in terms of post-Dawson’s Creek success (God knows he hasn’t even come close to Michelle Williams‘ career, or even Katie Holmes‘ — although he has possibly fared better than Mary Beth Peil)? They’re pretty much neck-and-neck, actually: Van Der Beek struggled in the years following Creek (his movies during the show’s run, like Varsity Blues and The Rules of Attraction, don’t count), rarely landing more than guest-starring roles on other shows, but his career is looking better now than it has in a decade, whereas Jackson has co-headlined a moderately successful series (Fringe) but not much else. Advantage Van Der Beek? Soon, perhaps …


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