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Jamie Dornan: ‘Fifty Shades gave me element of choice as an actor’

Jamie Dornan doesn’t agree he’s been typecast due to his role as Christian Grey in erotic romance movie Fifty Shades Of Grey.

The actor appeared on Britain’s This Morning show to promote the release of his new film Endings, Beginnings, a comedy in which he stars alongside Bridesmaids star Kristen Wiig, when he was asked by host Eamonn Holmes whether he felt typecast because of the Fifty Shades franchise.

“What’s sort of great about those movies and the success they had is that they’re so unique,” he replied.

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“It’s very hard to be typecast as someone like that as there’s no one like him really.

“There’s not been other movies about characters like him. It was such a one-off… the package was its own thing that you can only but move away from that, which has been a real blessing. And I feel that everything I have done since has been a million miles away from it… So I’ve been very lucky. I have an element of choice as an actor and I know how lucky I am to have that.”

The star added: “So I’m making the most of that choice and hopefully I’m achieving that.”

Speaking about his new film, which called for a lot of improvisation, Dornan admitted the thought of doing “a whole movie’s worth…was quite an experience”.

“Honestly, the first night, I thought about running away. I was so terrified. We were shooting a night shoot in the Valley in Studio City in LA and the first scene is the first time you see my character and (the characters of) Daphne and Frank… they had already been shooting for two weeks, but I was filming something else so I couldn’t shoot the first weeks.”

He continued: “So everyone else was sort of in the groove of it and was sort of understanding the improv. And I came in not knowing anybody on the first night and I thought, ‘What are the ramifications here, if I run?’ But I came to my senses.”

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