Two Japanese Guys Reenact Alfred Hitchcock’s Entire Career in Introductory ‘Hitchcock’ Trailer

Japanese Hitchcock

America has treated us to a few different ways to commemorate the life and career of the great Alfred Hitchcock. There was HBO’s The Girl, an interesting take on the unparalleled filmmaker. Then there was the Fox Searchlight picture Hitchcock, which was your average biopic movie. But the greatest yet has got to come from Japan: in the below video, an intro for the country’s release of Hitchcock, two Japanese actors give their rendition of the Psycho, Vertigo, and Rear Window director’s long and varied résumé and personal history. And it’s wonderful.

No matter what language you speak, the comedy in the duo’s performance is loud and clear. As the first actor maintains a deadpan stature throughout the sketch as Hitchcock himself, his partner goes ape as the variety of characters leading the film maker’s movies. Check out the glorious trailer below for the best Hitchcock story we’ve seen in years:

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[Photo Credit: YouTube]

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