Japan’s Monsterous Stay Puft Burger Is Scarier Than Every ‘Ghostbusters’ Ghost Combined


The Ghostbusters reboot has inspired a dozen nostalgia-filled snacks including the return of Hi-C’s glorious citrus-flavored drink, Ecto Cooler. Hostess even jumped aboard the Ghostbusters train and created Slimer-themed Twinkies. All of these Ghostbuster-themed snacks seem as wonderfully nostalgic as they are delicious, except for whatever the heck is happening in Japan right now.

Japanese burger chain J.S. Burgers Cafe released three Ghostbusters menu items that look absolutely terrifying. We’re talking so terrifying that every single ghost and evil creature in the film combined can’t hold a dimly-lit candle to how this burger looks. This burger is the same level of scary as the Insidious trilogy and the entirety of the Saw series combined. This burger is a complete, utter monstrosity.

The Ghostbusters burger features a dark black bun, which Burger King and McDonald’s have been doing for years and everyone still thinks is kind of gross. Between the ominous buns are beef patties, black olives (yuck), anchovy paste (why?), tomatoes, ghost pepper hot sauce and for some ungodly reason, cream. 

J.S. Burgers Cafe

The next menu item is a dessert burger (whatever the heck that is). The “Marshamllow Mad Burger” is modeled after Ghostbusters’ Stay Puft marshmallow man. The dessert monstrosity features a white bun filled with Oreo cookies and toasted marshmallows, then topped with melted chocolate and some sort of berry syrup.

J.S. Burgers Cafe

There’s also a Slimer-inspired shake on the menu which seems a bit more normal. It’s pretty much green juice. The smoothie has an apple and avocado base with spinach, kiwi and green tea ice cream. Still, J.S. Burgers Cafe had to make it weird but topping it with mini hamburgers. They’re cute, but do we really need hamburgers on our veggie smoothie?

J.S. Burgers Cafe

Ghostbusters hits theaters on Friday, and we can wholeheartedly say the movie looks a lot better than these burgers.


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