Jason Momoa And More Talk ‘Aquaman’ in Interview

‘Aquaman’ was never a popular hero, so when he showed up in the ‘Justice League’ film it was definitely an oh moment.

Aquaman is the bunt of many jokes. Can’t fly so automatically most Justice League members have that over him (One of my favorite Robot Chicken sketches was Aquaman excited to fly in Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet with Superman and Green Lantern when it turns out they are not actually in the jet and Aquaman just falls on his face). He can talk to fish, that’s cool, most battles are on land (Family Guy when a crime is happening on a beach so Aquaman has to throw a starfish at him). His weapon is a trident, which really no one uses that anymore. But would the under the sea world of Atlantis be able to be transferred to a live action film?

As it turns out, yes. In the above interview, James Wan discusses why he wanted to do an origin story, Amber Heard explains how cool it is to be transferred to Atlantis, and Jason Momoa talks about the first time he realized kids and older could get behind the super fish as well as why he thinks audience will love the film.


‘Aquaman’ releases December 21, 2018.