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Jeff Daniels Takes Mobile Homes Seriously

Dumb and Dumber star Jeff Daniels was the ideal choice to star in new mobile-home movie comedy R.V. because he owns one of the handy vehicles.

Daniels, who stars alongside Robin Williams in the new family film and also features on the cover of quirky magazine R.V. Living, uses his 40-foot home from home to get him from concert to concert when he’s performing low-key rock shows.

He says, “They’re not just for senior citizens… I just love being on the road and I drive my own 1998 Gulfstream Tourmaster. It’s like a poor man’s tour bus, basically.”

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Ironically, Daniels drove his own R.V. from his home in Michigan to the set in Vancouver, Canada.

He adds, “I consider myself the (John) Travolta of the Interstate; every other actor now seems to be flying his own jet, which we don’t need.”

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