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Jennifer Aniston Gets Naked and Hairless for Film Scene

Jennifer Aniston will set temperatures soaring in her new romantic comedy The Break Up by parading around naked and hairless in one saucy scene.

The actress bared all to co-star-turned-real-life boyfriend Vince Vaughn in the scene, in which her character Brooke attempts to win back her ex-love.

Brooke takes a friend’s advice and has a ‘Telly Savalas‘ beauty treatment, which involves the waxing off of all body hair–and then wanders around the apartment she shares with her ex, played by Vaughn, totally naked.

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After cheekily glancing into a bathroom mirror and quoting Savalas‘ famous Kojak line, “Who loves ya, baby?” Aniston‘s character lets her towel drop to the


As Vaughn‘s character stares in disbelief, Brooke has a cheeky giggle to herself as she walks to her bedroom.

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