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Jet Li Film in Defamation Row

The producers of action star Jet Li‘s latest film are being sued by the grandson of a legendary Chinese kung fu master for allegedly defaming the ancestor. 

Fearless sees Li take on the role of 19th century martial arts hero Huo Yuanjia, but his grandson insists the movie is largely fabricated and could damage Yuanjia’s revered status.

Furious Huo Shoujin contends the movie should be banned and is demanding a written apology from producer Beijing Film Studio and distributor Beijing-based Anle Film Company.

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He maintains the movie contains “fabrications of his grandfather’s life and character and it besmirches his reputation”. However, filmmakers insist the project was never intended to be a biopic.

Marketing executive Cyrus Man says, “When we first made the movie, we hoped to bring a message to today’s youth about self-strengthening and encourage them to never give up. “We mentioned at the end of the film it’s a fictitious story.”

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