Joaquin Phoenix Put A Smile On In First ‘Joker’ Teaser


The Joker is one of those characters that we’ve seen countless times before, and to be honest in the beginning when it was announced that Joaquin Phoenix was playing him, fans said why?

After this first teaser, he’s officially made a believer out of me.

The key to playing a good villain is to make the audience not only understand their reasonings but sympathize. With an origin story, you have to understand why the person would turn into a villain, and that happens in this teaser.  It’s the story of a guy who loved his mother and the world turns on him and beats him down until he can’t take it anymore. Mental illness is something the world is dealing with but get’s worse all the time. In his dream journal he wrote “The worst part about having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don’t.” and that’s something that everyone can understand. The only difference with the Joker is something switches and he takes it to the next level.

I for one am very excited for this film, and judging from the teaser, an Oscar nomination for Joaquin.


‘Joker’ releases on October 4, 2019.