John Cena is a Firefighter in ‘Playing with Fire’ Trailer

Comedy John Cena is the best kind of John Cena.

The story is simple enough, a families children lose their home and families, and since someone has to take care of them, so it’s up to the firefighters (John Cena, Keegan-Michael Key, John Leguizamo) to take care of them. Of course, since it’s a Nickelodeon movie the kids won’t just sit there. Everything goes wrong that you could imagine. Cena’s character is a hardass which no one really ever likes

It’s not going to be nominated for any Oscars, and, of course, there’s a fart joke at the end of the trailer, but overall not going to lie this trailer made me chuckle a couple of times and you know kids will love it.


‘Playing with Fire’ releases on November 8, 2019.