John Cusack’s 5 Creepiest Moments Ever: ‘Say Anything’ to ‘The Raven’

ALTOn Friday John Cusack will return to theaters in The Raven, which is being promoted as his darkest role ever. As if Edgar Allen Poe wasn’t tortured enough, Cusack is playing an imaginary version of the author after he’s been pushed to the edge of sanity by a serial killer who uses Poe’s work as the inspiration for his crimes. It may seem like a surprising turn for the man known for playing the sensitive everyman, but Cusack has actually tackled some rather disturbing material. Go find your copy of High Fidelity because you’re going to need a hit of Cusack’s sweet side when you’re through with these films.

Being John Malkovich

John Malkovich is known as the king of creepy, but he wasn’t the one selling tickets to another dude’s brain in this movie.

Hot Tub Time Machine

Ostensibly, this film is a comedy, and Cusack’s character is just an amalgamation of the nice guy roles he’s been playing since the ’80s (that’s kind of the joke). However, you can’t tell us that the idea of being trapped in a time when head-to-toe neon was acceptable isn’t downright frightening.


The main lesson you should take from 1408: You do not want to stand between Cusack and his drink.

The Paperboy

This film hasn’t even been released yet, but Cusack manages to be off the charts creepy in the poster.


Say Anything

Yes, this quintessential Cusack moment has been called one of the most romantic film scenes ever, but if a dude ever stands outside your bedroom blasting Peter Gabriel on a boombox, you’d better call the cops.


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