Jonas Brothers talk ‘Chasing Happiness’ at Premiere


Coming back after a hiatus can be tough, especially if you were on top.

From 2005 to 2010, Nick, Joe, and Kevin were everywhere. Alas, all good things must come to an end, and the band split (in the middle of a tour) to focus on solo careers, reality tv, other projects, and themselves. Things felt bleak for fans of the Jo Bros, but luckily for them, that wouldn’t be the end.

In February 2019, the band announced they were getting back together. Fans rejoiced, loved their song Sucker, and they were back on their way to the top. They would even have an album to be released. It’s easy to forget how big the band actually got, so Amazon Studios wanted to help with that problem.

‘Chasing Happiness’ is a look back at the career from the start, from their rise to the top and their way down to the bottom. Nick, Joe, and Kevin are finally able to ask questions they’ve had for each other, conveniently with a bottle of wine (Games and drinking is where you really get the answers.)


The documentary ‘Chasing Happiness’ is available on Amazon Prime and their newest album ‘Happiness Begins” is out today.