Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Trailer Is Fantastic and Terrifying


Jordan Peele is a fantastic entertainer.

Hilarious in Key and Peele, and great in Keanu, but we didn’t really know what his life would be like without Keegan-Michael Key. As it turned out, he’ll be just fine. Get Out hit the horror scene running and instantly was not only something special but a classic in the genre. The screenplay even netted him an Oscar, which is pretty hard to do with horror films. After that, the world always wants to know what’s next, and Christmas gave us the trailer for ‘Us’.

The trailer opens with a mother (Nupita Nyong’o), a father (Winston Duke), and their children on a road trip discussing the Luniz classic “I Got 5 On It”. The family is on their way to a cabin in the woods to hang with some friends. The son goes away when things start to turn. That happy song gets one of the coolest remixes in a trailer for a long time. Then a family appears and the horror starts. The others are them, just the creepiest version possible.

I got 12 on a ticket to this movie.


‘Us’ releases March 15, 2019.