Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play hijacked flight co-pilot in Oscar-nominated director’s feature-length debut

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has jumped on board a new hijack movie, in which he plays an unlikely hero.

In Oscar-nominated short film director Patrick Vollrath’s feature-length debut, 7500, the actor portrays the co-pilot of a flight from Berlin, Germany to Paris, France, which is overrun by terrorists.

Gordon-Levitt tells WENN he took the role in part because he was intrigued by Vollrath’s decision to film the movie as an “improvisational exercise”.

“He explained how it involved a lot of improvisation on the part of the actors as well as on the part of the camera,” recalls Gordon-Levitt. “And letting the camera roll for 20, 30 or even 40 minutes at a time and just letting the actors become the characters and live the situation.”

Vollrath reveals he cast Gordon-Levitt as co-pilot Tobias because he was not an obvious action film hero: “I was very much looking for not Bruce Willis, not a Special Forces-trained guy who can use all his abilities to solve the situation,” the director explains.

“Tobias is an everyman who never expects to be in a situation like this and hopes he never will be – and then it happens. So he’s as overwhelmed as you or I would be. He had to be someone the audience likes from the moment he enters the cockpit. So we’re on his side even when he has to make some incredibly difficult decisions.”

Fortunately for Gordon-Levitt, the pilot in the film, played by German actor Carlo Kitzlinger, actually flew planes for Lufthansa for 20 years, so the American star had a seasoned technical adviser by his side, and the duo spent two weeks in flight simulators prior to filming.

The film is released via Amazon on June 19, 2020.