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Josh Brolin getting irritable on Deadpool diet cleanse


Josh Brolin has cut out sugar, bread and pasta as he trains for his Deadpool 2 role.

Despite Michael Shannon previously being considered the frontrunner for the part, it was announced in April (17) that Josh had landed the coveted role of Cable, the reluctant partner to Ryan Reynolds’ wisecracking anti-hero Deadpool, in the second installment of the Marvel franchise.

To make sure he looks the part, 49-year-old Josh has been hitting the gym hard in the lead up to the movie’s shooting schedule.

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Uploading a photo to Instagram of his bulging biceps, Josh told fans: “Cable’s coming, growing from the inside. Clean building from a past of donut travel to the present hard case that he is. No sugar. No bread. No pastas. The machine is being built. I’m p**sed off. #cable #deadpool #ryanreynoldsismyb**ch #cleangrowth @justindlovato @iambuilt #fourweeksin.”


Josh’s comment about Ryan comes after the actor poked fun at Fox’s Cable casting decision.

Fox… What in the horrendous f**k!? You can’t play two different characters in the same universe!!! It’ll never work. Brolin was in Sicario and I was in Sabrina The Teenage Witch. #NathanSummers” he posted on social media, confirming Josh had landed the role.

Prior to filming 2016’s Deadpool, Ryan also made sure he beefed up his athletic frame. He worked with his longtime trainer Don Saladino, focusing on his legs, arms, shoulders, back and chest on alternative days.

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Ryan loves deadlifts, and he loves squats because he knows that’s how he’s going to make real gains,” Don told Men’s Journal.

“The biggest mistake that people make when making an exercise plan is not to listen to their body every day. Ryan was a recent father and traveling a lot (before Deadpool), so if he had been up all night with the baby, or just gotten off a plane from Singapore, you can best believe we were changing up the program.”

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