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Julia Roberts Narrates Harrowing Beslan School Massacre Film

Julia Roberts has become the voice of a harrowing new documentary, which follows the events of the 2004 Beslan School massacre in Russia.

Shot by the Chechen terrorists, who took over the school for three days and waged a war with Russian security forces, the film, Three Days in September, will debut at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City next week.

Roberts admits she was stunned by the footage as she narrated over the film, but felt compelled to relay the details of the event, so that viewers would know the truth of the tragedy, which left 344 civilians dead, 186 of them schoolchildren.

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She says, “It’s just an extraordinarily evil thing that happened.”

New mom Roberts admits footage of mothers having to choose to leave children behind in the school gym as terrorists allowed them to leave was particularly tough to watch.

She adds, “(It was) crushing… The way that people can treat one another, it’s mind-blowing.

“I just really feel like it makes you wanna strive to be your best, best self for them (your children).”

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