What Happened to ‘Jurassic Park’ Star Ariana Richards, and 30 Other Child Stars?

 Yes, Lexi safely climbed into a helicopter at the end of Jurassic Park and popped up briefly in 1997’s The Lost World: Jurassic Park, but what happened after that? What happened to actress Ariana Richards after she wiggled her way into our hearts like a spoonful of green JELL-O?  

Turns out the actress embarked on a surprising new career path. Though her co-star Joseph Mazzello stuck to acting, Richards opted to chase another art form: Art. The actress-turned-painter has even received acclaim in her new day job, placing first in 2005’s National Oil Painting Competition with Lady Of The Dahlias, seen below.

Credit: Ariana Richards

To find out how Richards spent her post-Jurassic days — and to discover the fates of The NeverEnding Story‘s Barret OliverLife Is Beautiful‘s Giorgio Cantarini, and 29 other child actors you likely forgot about — click through the gallery below!

GALLERY: What Happened to 31 Child Stars You Forgot About

Ariana Richards Jurassic Park

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[Image Credit: Universal Pictuers; Ariana.org]

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