Matching the Cast of ‘Jurassic World’ with Their Dinosaur Counterparts

Not content with a role in just one major franchise, French star Omar Sy has decided to follow up playing Bishop in X-Men: Days of Future Past with a part in the upcoming Jurassic World. The actor revealed the news himself on Friday via his Twitter account, where he shared his excitement about signing on to the franchise in both French and English, and the film’s director, Colin Trevorrow, used his own account to confirm that Sy was joining the cast. Since the plot of the film is still a secret, it hasn’t yet been revealed what kind of a role Sy will play, although he will join as cast that includes Chris Pratt, Jake Johnson, Idris Elba, and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Of course, as exciting as Sy’s casting is, the one thing we really want to know more about is the dinosaurs. They’re the real stars of the Jurassic Park franchise, whether they’re grazing peacefully in the fields or tearing people to shreds in a graphic, bloody death. So, we decided to combine this news with our overwhelming love of dinosaurs in order to determine which dinosaur each member of the Jurassic World cast would be, based on appearance, personality, and the general vibe that both the actor and dinosaur give off. You’re welcome.

Omar Sy – Triceratops

Omar Sy, Jurassic World Dinosaur CastingWENN/Wikipedia

Omar Sy is many things. He can be a friendly caretaker in a film like The Intouchables, but then he can be a dangerous mutant like in the upcoming X-Men Days of Future Past. The only dinosaur that’s as versatile is probably the classic triceratops. One minute he’s chomping on some grass, and the next, he’s impaling you with a horn.

Jake Johnson – Protoceratops

Jake Johnson, Jurassic World Dinosaur CastingWENN/Wikipedia

Despite his celebrity status, Jake Johnson seems like a nice, laid-back kind of guy. The perfect celebrity to have a beer with (or play True American). And therefore he needs a nice, laid-back kind of dinosaur. Specifically, the protoceratops, who, with his giant head and lazy lifestyle (he’s only active for short periods of time) is basically the Nick Miller of dinosaurs. Plus, that horn probably makes it easy to pop open a cold one.

Bryce Dallas Howard – Pachycephalosaurus

Bryce Dallas Howard, Jurassic World Dinosaur CastingEverett Collection/Wikipedia

Bryce Dallas Howard is a pretty classy lady, so we found the fanciest dinosaur we could, and there’s something about that sloping horn on the Pachycephalosaurus’ head that reminds us of the redheaded debutante.

Vincent D’Onofrio – Dilophosuarus

Vincent D'Onofrio, Jurassic World Dinosaur CastingWENN/Wikipedia

Vincent D’Onofrio specializes in creepy and terrifying characters, so it makes perfect sense to match him up with one of the creepiest dinosaurs in history: the dilophosuarus. In Jurassic Park, they were the poison spitting dinos that attacked Wayne Knight, and even though science doesn’t support their ability to produce venom in real life, they’re still one of the creepiest things we’ve ever seen. Besides, if anyone could figure out how to spit poison at people, it’s D’Onofrio.

BD Wong, Jurassic World Dinosaur CastingSplash/Universal

B.D. Wong – Petrie The only Jurassic Park cast member to return for the third installment, B.D. Wong deserves a dinosaur that’s just as iconic as he is. Since he’s smart, good-hearted and seems like the kind of guy who would always be there to help you out, Wong’s perfect match is
Petrie from The Land Before Time. Plus, he played a psychologist on 
Law and Order, which means he’s just the guy to help Petrie deal with all of his anxieties.

Irrfan Khan – Ankylosaurus

Irrfan Khan, Jurassic World Dinosaur CastingWENN/Wikipedia

The ankylosaurus is sort of prickly looking on the outside, and yet sort of friendly looking when you gaze past all of those spikes. That’s basically every character Irrfan Khan has ever played in a nutshell.

Chris Pratt – Pacycephalosaurus 

Chris Pratt, Jurassic World Dinosaur CastingWENN/Wikipedia

Chris Pratt is quickly establishing himself as the next big action hero, but he’s also a gigantic goofball, which makes the dopey-looking, horn-headed pacycephalosuarus perfect for him, as its tough physique doesn’t stop it’s spiny head from looking pretty stupid. And since it has one of the toughest dinosaur skulls ever discovered, it should be able to withstand plenty of head butts and prat falls.

Idris Elba – Tyrannosaurus Rex

Idris Elba, Jurassic World Dinosaur CastingWENN/Wikipedia

Just like a T-Rex, Idris Elba is both sexy and dangerous. He was the king of Baltimore so it’s only natural that he’d be the mightiest thing walking Jurassic Park.