Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson Discuss ‘Unforgettable’


Breakups happen. They get difficult when it’s a marriage and you have a child. It gets even worse when your not actually over everything.

In Warner Bros new film ‘Unforgettable’ that’s exactly what Tessa (Heigl) goes through. Her ex-husband David (Stults) and she have been divorced and he’s moved on to Julia (Dawson). David and Julia are happy and even David and Tessa’s daughter has started to care for Julia. This outrages Julia and she will do anything to get her husband back. Blackmail, sabotage, even possibly murder.

In the above interview, Geoff Stults explains the story from the beginning, Rosario Dawson tells us what she likes about the journey the two women take, from both happiness to the exact opposite, and Katherine Heigl explains her character’s thoughts and emotions.


Unforgettable is out April 21, 2017.