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Kenneth Branagh Keen to Reprise Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot

Kenneth Branagh is keen to play fictional detective Hercule Poirot again after starring in Murder On The Orient Express.

The British actor portrays author Agatha Christie’s famous character opposite the likes of Judi Dench and Johnny Depp in the new murder mystery movie, which he also directed, and it seems one spin in the Belgian’s shoes was enough to leave Branagh wanting more.

“I’d love to play Poirot again and that’s a very, very passionate book about obsessive love. So it’s very dangerous. And given that we have a Poirot who has this mysterious relationship to Katherine. Who is she? What is she?” he told CinemaBlend, referring to a mysterious woman his alter ego regularly addresses throughout the feature. “And where does he sit when it comes to the world of romance – beyond the hint that it never goes unpunished? I think there’s gold in them thar hills if we get the chance.”

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As his latest film hits cinemas the filmmaker and actor is also thinking back to past projects, particularly 2011’s Thor, the first installment of the superhero franchise starring Chris Hemsworth.

Branagh may have only helmed the original movie but the third one, Thor: Ragnarok, is currently being shown around the world and he has every intention to go and see Taika Waititi’s take on the Marvel hero, especially after the pressure he faced upon releasing his adaptation.

“It was sink or swim before Captain America and then suddenly, oh, it was fine after that. We make Iron Man 2 and Avengers and everything’s tickety-boo. But everybody who was there knows that that was an incredibly sweaty time,” Branagh recalled to uproxx.com, remembering the challenge of making the feature work as a standalone as well as fitting into the bigger picture.

“I think we laid out quite a lot of places from which the story could develop. And I’m personally really looking forward to what Taika’s done with it. I’m very pleased that they’re not just making the same movie each time. They’re being ballsy.”

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