Daniel Radcliffe Is Cranked Up to New Levels of Kooky in ‘Kill Your Darlings’ Trailer

Any trailer is going to jazz things up beyond the proportions of the film that it is advertising, presenting something faster, louder, and more animated than the eventual product. At least that’s what we hope to be the case here. Because if Kill Your Darlings is as nonstop kookoo as it looks to be in the first preview, then the best minds of our generation will be destroyed by madness just watching the first act. But the real reason we’re hoping that the Beat Generation drama tones down its shtick for the big screen: Daniel Radcliffe.

Kill Your DarlingsSony Pictures Classics

In the above clip, Radcliffe is swimming along in the rapids of stylized wackiness — charming wackiness, we admit! Everything we see does look like a riveting, dark good time — but we know he’s capable of far more than that. A dramatist, a comedian, a performer of all sorts, Radcliffe needs to carry this movie on his shoulders, becoming Allen Ginsberg in the twisted anecdote of a deadly relationship.

While we’re engrossed by the loony trailer, we want to see more humanity, and that’s where the Hogwarts alum comes in. Even alongside gifted performers like Elizabeth Olsen, Michael C. Hall, and Dane DeHaan, Radcliffe stands out as a gem to behold. And we know he can live up to this with Kill Your Darlings, so long as he gets his chance.

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