‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Turns Up The Violence In Trailer 2


As I’ve said before, when the first Kingsman: The Secret Service came out I had no interest. Seeing it changed my mind.

The film is action turned up a level. Anything normally ridiculous is embraced and even turned up a notch. From the looks of the second trailer for ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’, everything is maxed out.

The Kingsman’s mansion has been destroyed by Poppy (Julianne Moore) and Eggsy (Taron Egerton) must turn to the Kingsman’s American cousin, the whiskey makers known as the Statesman. Lead by Agent Champagne (Jeff Bridges), the shot gun toting cowboy Agent Tequila (Channing Tatum, and the electric whip wielding Agent Whiskey (Pedro Pascal), they must work together to defeat Poppy and save the world again. Oh and Harry (Colin Firth) didn’t die in the last film and now wears sunglasses with only one of the lenses in.

Also, Sir Elton John is in the film somehow which is just exciting. If this trailer isn’t dirty enough for you, check out the NSFW Red Band trailer here.


Get ready for fun, Kingsman: The Golden Circle releases September 27, 2017.