‘Knives Out’ cast talk about making a whodunit? movie

Whodunit? movies are always fun, like Clue and the Usual Suspects, but nowadays the films are few and far between.

Rian Johnson loves those films because they are fun and bring an entire audience together wondering who the culprit is. Johnson got some of his acting friends together, and when you’re Rian you’ve got plenty, and created ‘Knives Out’. As it turns out, the actors love the whodunit? movies as well, and more importantly, would love doing one with Rian.

In the above interview, Toni Collette tells us her reaction when she first read the script, LaKeith Stanfield goes into why Rian is the perfect director to do this type of movie with, Jamie Lee Curtis and Daniel Craig talk about how this movie was the perfect mix of things that an actor wants for their career, Ana de Armas and Chris Evans tell us why working with a Director that has written the script is extremely clear for the actors, and Director Rian Johnson talks about how he created the movie.


‘Knives Out’ releases on Novemeber 27, 2019.