Kristen Stewart and Maggie Gyllenhaal directing Netflix Covid-19 shorts


Kristen Stewart and Maggie Gyllenhaal have both directed short films made during lockdown for Netflix.

Shot during the Covid-19 crisis, the two stars’ works are part of the streaming service’s new compendium of shorts, Homemade, which features five to seven-minute shorts by 17 filmmakers that capture the experience of quarantine.

According to Variety, the project, which has been overseen by filmmaker Pablo Larrain, who will direct Stewart in a new Princess Diana biopic, can also be watched as one continuous feature.

Twilight star Stewart’s follow-up to her 2017 short Come Swim was filmed in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Gyllenhaal contributes a film shot in Vermont with her partner, actor Peter Sarsgaard.

Speaking to the outlet, Larrain says Gyllenhaal’s short will “surprise the whole world,” adding: “All shorts have something (special) but Maggie’s is very particular.”

Discussing the project, Teresa Moneo, director of international original films for Netflix, adds: “Each director has done a completely different thing. We have put them together thematically. Some were very clearly personal stories and some were more narrative or fantastical or funny. We tried to give them some kind of organization…so they’ve been arranged thematically.”

Others who have contributed include Bend It Like Beckham filmmaker Gurinder Chadha, Black Panther cinematographer Rachel Morrison, and Larrain himself. Homemade will debut on Netflix on June 30, 2020.