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Kristen Stewart’s 2017 SNL monologue landed her Happiest Season role

Kristen Stewart’s acclaimed Saturday Night Live (SNL) monologue helped the actress land her role in LGBTQ+ holiday movie Happiest Season.

During her 2017 appearance on the U.S. TV sketch show, Kristen confirmed she is “like, so gay,” and Clea DuVall, who came up with the new film’s storyline and directed it, knew the Twilight star was perfect for the part when she saw her “silly” side on the program.

“She is known as an actor for doing more dramatic work, but seeing her on SNL, so funny and so silly, was thrilling,” Clea tells Britain’s Diva magazine. “That’s what made me feel like, OK, I think this is the perfect person to play Abby because she can have the humor and the warmth but then also be able to connect with the emotional journey of the character.”

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The writer/director goes on to admit she’s thrilled with the partnership Kristen forged with her co-star and on-screen lover Mackenzie Davis, revealing they have “this depth and nuance to their performance where you really feel for them and you really feel connected to their experience.

“I knew that for these two characters, I really needed that. Particularly for Mackenzie’s character, whose journey is so complicated,” she muses. “To have an actor that was able to play all those layers and bring everything to it was really, really vital and Mackenzie knocked it out of the park.”

Happiest Season follows Kristen’s character, Abby, who is planning to propose to her girlfriend over the festive season, only to find out her partner’s family don’t know about their relationship. The movie is available on Hulu and digital download services now.

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