Last Trailer For ‘Dark Phoenix’ Shows A Powerful Sophie Turner

With ‘Game of Thrones’ last weekend and ‘Dark Phoenix’ happening soon, Sophie Turner is on a hot streak.

Sansa Stark is the lady of Winterfell and might sit on the iron throne at the end of the season, and come June, Jean Grey is becoming very powerful (Phoenix is one of the most powerful Mutants of all time). As I’ve said before, the Dark Phoenix Saga is my favorite X-Men storyline.

The X-Men go on a rescue mission to space when of course, something goes wrong. Something goes and destroys the other space shuttle, destroying everything including Jean Grey. Jean doesn’t die and is the black sheep of the Mutant Academy. She’s talked to by an undisclosed character (Jessica Chastain) about who she is, and more importantly what (they are being very secretive about Chastain’s character). Grey can’t deal with her new found power, her old friends (and love) fear her, and it looks like they have every right to.

This film is the ending to a lot of things, one of the last true fox movies and possibly the ending to the McAvoy X-Men franchise, hopefully, it goes out with a bang.


‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ releases June 7, 2019.