Latest Trailer for Russel Crowe’s ‘Unhinged’ goes retro

‘Unhinged’ is scary because its something that could AND has happened daily.

Rachel (Caren Pistorius) is a mom who’s doing her normal daily routines when she comes up to a truck that has a green light and isn’t going. Annoys you just reading that right? Well, she honks and the person, simply credited as “The Man” (and I’m not talking about Taylor Swift, it’s Russell Crowe) is annoyed. He’s been going through a lot and now decides to take it out on Rachel.

As I said, this could and has happened before. So much so, that this Retro Trailer which is also called “Be Safe Out There”, warns people about the dangers of other drivers on the road.


‘Unhinged’ releases in theaters on August 21, 2020.