‘Les Mis’ Is Making Adorable Parents Cry — VIDEO 



Let’s be honest with our terrible selves, it’s never not entertaining when parents videotape their children experiencing the worst moment of their young lives. Whether it’s one of Jimmy Kimmels inspired pranks or this emotional youngster totally losing it after seeing The Odd Life of Timothy Green, the child-freude Internet phenomenon isn’t going away anytime soon.

Turns out, when the tables are turned the results are just as glorious, as evidenced by this new viral vid in which New Yorker Ryan Ferguson and his brother Kevin taped their adorable parents who were all but inconsolable after seeing Les Miserables. After watching Tom Hooper‘s tear-jerking adaptation of the tear-jerking Broadway show, this Long Island family gave their review of the film, when they could actually stifle their sobs. When asked what the saddest part of the movie was, Mom heartbreakingly declares that it’s Hugh Jackman‘s tortured hero Jean Valjean, “At the end, his eyes. He was old,” while dear old Pop, who admitted he began blubbering away after hearing the first note, “I look at Anne Hathaway, I started to cry.”

Of course, the real pièce de résistance here is when their Dad says, “We’ve been to funerals that have been less upsetting. We’ve been to funerals of family members that I’ve cried less.” These two might just be the sweetest Internet pair since these two. Even Les Mis star Russell Crowe couldn’t help but get a kick out of them. (The actor took a break from his Twitter feud with Adam Lambert regarding the film to call this clip a “classic.”) Watch the documented breakdown here:

Hey, we’re not laughing at them (okay, maybe just a little bit), we’re laughing with them. Les Mis is a five-alarm tear-jerker and most people (especially parents, for that matter) who saw the film had similar reactions. It’s just that, luckily for everyone else, no one was around to film it. And, besides, who hasn’t been able to keep it together long after leaving the theater after seeing devastating movies? I couldn’t get out of my seat until long after the credits when I sobbed through In America and I had to pull over my car on the way home from Brokeback Mountain because I was totally losing my s**t. More recently, on two separate occasions, I cried on the subway just thinking about The Impossible and Beasts of the Southern Wild. I laugh, because I empathize. But also, because this is so endearing, these parents are so cute, and it’s just a damn funny slice of life moment of of a family. Look on the bright side, weeping parents: you may never stop crying from Les Mis, but you’re about to become superstars.