Liam Neeson Is Taken For A Ride In ‘The Commuter’ Trailer


Liam Neeson’s new film ‘The Commuter’ starts off rather mundane.

He goes to work.

Millions of working people know and understand exactly what Michael Woolrich (Neeson) does daily. Tells the kids and wife he loves them and goes to work. He’s been doing it for the last 10 years, taking the same train daily. Only Wednesday, August 23 is different. On that day he runs into Joanna (Vera Farmiga) who brings some change into his life. She asks the question, what kind of person are you.

Joanna tells Michael that he could change someone’s life. Someone on the train doesn’t belong, there’s money on the train, and Michael has to decide who he is as a person.

It’s action, it’s Neeson, and it looks like a fun movie.


‘The Commuter’ releases January 12, 2018.

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