‘Logan’ Trailer 2 Shows It Could Be The Best Comic Movie Yet


When you say the name Wolverine, most people will automatically picture Hugh Jackman.

He fit the role so perfectly that it’s hard to imagine anyone else try to do it. He needed to go out with a bang, something that will make you feel. ‘Logan’ seems like the perfect movie to do so.

The time place is around 2029, years after all of the Mutant wars, and all Mutants have died or gone into hiding. Logan is one of those hiding with an ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart timeline, not James McAvoy Deadpool). A young new mutant in Laura/X-23 (Sienna Novikov) has searched Logan for protection. She is very troubled and she’s also being hunted down, which is why she is looking for the Wolverine from her X-Men comics. Logan needs to give Laura not only protection from the men that want her but guidance and a family.

If you want some more blood and some Wolverine and Professor X cursing, check out the red band trailer.


Logan releases March 3, 2017.