The ‘Finding Dory’ Trailer Is FINALLY Here!

Finding Nemo, Disney, Pixar,111015

After nearly 13 years, Disney/Pixar is finally giving us the one film that we’ve all been waiting for. Finding Dory will hit theaters June 17, 2016, and the first trailer for the epic fish tale has just dropped. Though we haven’t seen Nemo and his friends since 2003, Dory’s adventures take place only 6 months after the first film. Though Dory; who is voiced by the amazingly lovely Ellen DeGeneres is prone to forgetfulness, it looks like she may just have remembered a few things this time!

Check out the first trailer below:

We aren’t the only ones who are besides ourselves with glee about finding Finding Dory. Here are some hilarious reactions to the news.

This woman is already trying to figure out how to by tickets.

This guy could barely even remember what was happening.

This guy has apparently already found Dory.

This person politely pointed out how much we’ve aged since Finding Nemo premiered.

And finally this woman, who can barely believe that this is actually happening.