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Luke Wilson Still Holding Out for ‘Dallas’ in Dallas

Movie star Luke Wilson is begging the producers of his new movie, Dallas, to reconsider making the film in Florida–because he thinks his home state of Texas deserves another look.

Wilson, who will play Bobby Ewing opposite John Travolta and Jennifer Lopez in the movie adaptation of the hot 1980s soap series, admits he’s disappointed that Dallas won’t be filmed anywhere near the Texas city.

Texas officials went out of their way to present filmmakers with an attractive deal if they filmed in the state, but producers Michael Costigan and Peter Cramer have decided Florida is a better pick.

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Wilson says, “The people of Dallas were proud of the series. You never heard people say, ‘Well, Dallas isn’t really like Dallas the TV show.’ We loved it. I was a fan of the show growing up.

“I was just back home and they have a whole campaign: ‘Shoot J.R. in Dallas.’ They really want the movie shot in Dallas. I know the mayor has called the studio and they really want to get it done there.

“But apparently Texas doesn’t have the tax break deals like Louisiana or Canada, but they’re trying to bend the rules a little so we can film in Dallas.”

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