Mandy Moore And Claire Holt Take Us Under in ’47 Meters Down’



In ’47 Meters Down’ Kate (Holt) and Lisa (Moore) go on a shark diving trip when their cage line breaks, and they find them 47 Meters underwater with a school of sharks circling them, and only each other for comfort.

As it turns out, it was kind of similar for the actors while shooting the film… Kind of. Sure, they were in a pool no way close to 47 meters deep with trained Divers instead of sharks, but the two only had one another to talk to. In the above interview, Claire Holt and Mandy Moore take us into the tanks where they talked about what it was like inside, how it was different than shooting any other tv/film, and why the elements helped in their acting.


47 Meters Down releases June 16, 2017.