Mark Hamill used his home phone number for Star Wars serial number

Mark Hamill

Star Wars icon Mark Hamill strong-armed his personal phone number into the original film’s script.

The actor thought it would be fun to bury his contact details in the movie and when his character, Luke Skywalker, had to offer up a memorized serial number to his droid C-3PO, Mark decided to use his home number.

“In the scene where we’re trying to get out of the garbage masher, I was supposed to say, ‘Threepio, open the…’ and give this long serial number. So I had planned all along to say, ‘2….’ , so my own number would be forever preserved on film.”

But when the scene was actually shot, Harrison Ford got to come up with the serial number and he chose to replace Hamill’s number sequence with his own.

“The way the scene was blocked the day of, I wasn’t near the door – so Harrison got to say the line and he started doing his number and that really burned me up.

“Finally, Harrison read my number and said, ‘Happy now, you big baby?’ I laughed because I felt busted ’cause I’d been acting like a two-year-old.”

Marvel editor Jordan D. White shared the story on Twitter last week (20Jul20).