Matt Damon and Christian Bale speed by in ‘Ford v Ferrari’ Trailer 2

There are few car race battles that have gone down in history. Ford vs Ferrari is one of those battles.

Ford motor company wanted to win the 24 hours at Le Mans and to do that you have to beat Ferrari. This was unheard of. Building a car that could go over 200 mph for 24 hours is a long hard drive, and worse, they had less than a year to build it. They did and built the GT-40 which still lost to the Italian motorcar. They then turned to car designer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) and he got driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale) to help figure out what was wrong. Ken was kind of a firecracker, but he knew what he was doing. Ferrari won again and Ford hadn’t even been able to finish the race.

That’s a bit of the history, it’s an amazing story of will and perseverance, as well as not listening to your boss, and a race as fast as this will keep hearts racing.


‘Ford v Ferrari’ releases on November 15, 2019.