Matt Damon Is Back As ‘Jason Bourne’ In First Trailer

Jason Bourne is back, and in a big way.

Matt Damon‘s Bourne Trilogy which included 2002’s The Bourne Identity, 2004’s The Bourne Supremacy and 2007’s The Bourne Ultimatum was surely a franchise not to be missed. It had everything from action, suspense, and Moby. The franchise took a spinoff with Jeremy Renner in 2012 with The Bourne Legacy but now Damon is back.

Matt Damon isn’t the only thing to return to the Bourne series. Not only has Director Paul Greengrass returned to the helm (Paul directed both Supremacy and Ultimatum), but the story is based off a book of the original author Robert Ludlum. The film has a couple of all-star additions too, including Julia StilesAlicia Vikander, and Tommy Lee Jones. Check out the first trailer here:


Jason Bourne releases July 29, 2016.