12 Matt Damon Movie Roles We Totally Forgot Existed

At this year’s Golden Globes, Matt Damon took home the trophy for best lead male performance in a musical or comedy for his role in The Martian. During his acceptance speech, he joked about the many movies he’s made that people never saw. In an effort to prove his point, take a spin thorough this gallery and check out these Matt Damon movie roles we forgot existed!

Titan A.E.
Does anyone remember Matt acting in this movie about an orphan saving the world after an alien attack? Yeah, didn't think so.
The Legend of Bagger Vance
Matt Damon acted in a movie about golf. Even with Hollywood powerhouse talent Charlize Theron and Will Smith by his side, no one has been watching this film on repeat since its release.
No matter how exciting gambling, loan sharks, and danger sounds for a movie plot, no one thinks of Rounders as a Matt Damon A-list success.
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The Brothers Grimm
There's no shortage of monsters, magic, and demons in this fairytale fueled film, making it easy to forget Matt was in it.
All The Pretty Horses
Matt Damon as a do-gooding horse thief, who bags the babe played by Penelope Cruz? Umm yeah we didn't see this one either.
Green Zone
As one of many movies where Matt plays a top level intelligence officer with survival skills to match, it's no wonder Green Zone got buried under the buzz of the Bourne Identity franchise.
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We Bought A Zoo
Matt Damon would never buy a zoo, which is probably why we all forgot to go see it when this flick was playing on the silver screen.
Matt tackles the complexity of life and death in Hereafter, but the memory of this movie went to the grave for good after it left the silver screen.
Mystic Pizza
This classic '80s story of three girls navigating the choppy waters of young adulthood is where we all met Julia Roberts for the first time, but Matt plays a small often overlooked role near the end of the movie.
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The Adjustment Bureau
Fighting fate and risking everything for love, the premise of The Adjustment Bureau sounds good, but flopped hard in the hearts of movie goers.
Promised Land
Many movies stay on the brains of fans for years to come, but Matt Damon playing a big business man visiting a small town to buy people out of their hard earned property isn't one of them.
Nelson Mandela's release from prison was a major historical marker in South Africa and around the world, but Matt's portrayal of a South African rugby player, whose team was looked to for hope and unity after Mandela was elected president did not remain burned in our brains.