Matthew McConaughey learnt to swear ‘eloquently’ while making new British film


Matthew McConaughey learned to swear “eloquently” while working on Guy Ritchie‘s upcoming movie, The Gentlemen.

The actor fronts the flick as Mickey Pearson – an American ex-pat who has created a highly profitable marijuana empire in London, England.

Speaking to U.K. chat show host Graham Norton about the role, he confessed he was thrilled to have picked up the art of using curse words as “terms of endearment”.

Asked if he picked up any Britishisms on set, he said: “Quite a few. If you work on a Guy Ritchie film, there is a whole new language.

“You Brits use swear words so eloquently, in so many forms. You throw them around in wonderful ways – at the beginning of sentences, in the middle, afterward, later, everywhere – most are terms of endearment 95 percent of the time!”

The Dallas Buyers Club star has also turned his hand to teaching as a Professor at the University of Texas, and confessed on Friday’s (December 13, 2019) installment of The Graham Norton Show he’s a hit with students.

“I started a class there called Script to Screen. It’s all about how when we make a movie and how the final product is so different from the first original script we all read, he explained, before laughing at a critique he received from a student which read: “Amazing professor, but I feel like he’d be great at acting.”

The Gentlemen, also starring Henry Golding, Michelle Dockery and Hugh Grant hits theaters  January 1, 2020.