Matthew McConaughey On Striking It Rich In ‘Gold’ (Video)


If you met Kenny Wells, you’d probably think he’s a scumbag, and you’d probably be pretty right.

Kenny (McConaughey) had dreams of better times and striking it rich like most do. In the film ‘Gold’ he steals gold from his wife Kay (Howard), uses it to fund a trip to Indonesia, befriends a geologist in Michael (Ramírez), and searches for gold. Not only does he find it, but he finds a lot of it, enough to bring his company up to being worth over 30 billion dollars. Then as the film continues, the government gets involved and everything goes to shit basically.

‘Gold’ is an American dream story that’s actually based on the true story of the 1993 Bre-X mining scandal, where a Canadian company found a large amount of gold deposits that ended up being mostly fake. In the above interview, Édgar Ramírez talks about the brotherhood that develops between his character and Kenny, Bryce Dallas Howard tells us how this the movie completely changes halfway through, Corey Stoll says how Director Stephen Gaghan wanted everyone to feel real even though they are easy stereotypes, and Matthew McConaughey discusses the themes of the film.


Gold releases in theaters tomorrow, January 27, 2016.

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