Hear From McConaughey, Witherspoon and More At TIFF Premiere For ‘Sing’


‘Sing’ is an animated singing competition from Universal. A Koala bear named Buster (McConaughey) has a theater that he loves, but is sadly going out of business. His bright idea is to have a singing competition. The entire town loves this idea and wants to addition. A pig with 12 piglets (Witherspoon) a young ape who wants to get out of the family business (Egerton), a  porcupine who can rock out (Johanson), an elephant (Kelly), and more all try out to win.

‘Sing’ has animals from all walks of life with some monstrous voices, so you kind of have to have the star talent to back them up. That talent assembled at the Toronto International Film Festival so they could sign autographs, take selfies, and talk to the press about how excited they are for people to go see their movie. In the above interview, hear from Scarlett JohanssonMatthew McConaugheyReese WitherspoonTaron EgertonNick KrollTori Kelly, and Jennifer Hudson all talk about their film from the premiere.


Sing releases December 21, 2016