McTeigue in Talks to Direct ‘Ness/Capone’

5733204.jpg Deadline reports that James McTeigue (V for Vendetta, Ninja Assassin) is in talks with Relativity Media to direct Ness/Capone, a movie that will present a “new spin” on Eliot Ness’ quest to bring down Al Capone’s gangster fiefdom in the 1920s. Predictably, the “new spin” involves casting Ness as the bad guy; according to Deadline, the film will cast the lawman as a adrenaline-starved publicity hound whose flashy ways draw the ire of his gangster adversaries. Capone, meanwhile, will be depicted as a law-abiding small-business owner who never contracted syphilis. Sounds fun!

Source: Deadline

McTeigue is currently putting the finishing touches on The Raven, a fictional account of author Edgar Allan Poe’s last days, starring John Cusack. Click on the image below to check out our huge John Cusack gallery: