Meet The New ‘Power Rangers’ In Video Interview From SDCC


When the cast of the ‘Power Rangers’ reboot was announced many people, myself included, let out a collective sigh of who?

For kids of the nineties, the original 1993 Power Rangers is very near and dear to their hearts and a big responsibility for anyone trying to reboot it. The five people they chose to suit up and morph into the Power Rangers are relatively unknown, so before you judge the casting, you can at least meet the guys and girls.

In the above interview from San Diego Comic-Con meet Naomi Scott the Pink Ranger, Dacre Montgomery the Red Ranger, Ludi Lin the Black Ranger, RJ Cyler the Blue Ranger, and Becky G the Yellow Ranger as they talk about the craziness that is being a Power Ranger, how awesome Comic-Con is, seeing each other for the first time since filming ended, and what to expect from their new movie.


Power Rangers comes out March 24, 2017.

Go Go Power Rangers!