Meet the Voice Behind Moana, the Next Disney Princess

Moana, Disney
Walt Disney Animation

Walt Disney Animation has announced (via People Magazine) that 14 year-old Native Hawaiian Auli’i Cravalho will provide the voice for the eponymous character in the upcoming animated film, Moana.

Cravalho had always dreamt of one day becoming a Disney princess. “From baby time to now, I wanted to be a Disney princess and then I wanted to be a singer or an actress,” Cravalho told People Magazine.

Directors Ron Clements and John Musker (the duo responsible for Disney classics like The Little MermaidAladdin, and Hercules among others) are the creative force behind Moanadescribed as a “mythic adventure set around 2000 years ago and across a series of islands in the South Pacific.”

When Cravalho went back in for a final audition, Clements and Musker played a trick and asked her to act as if she had gotten the part, before revealing that Carvalho would be the voice of Moana.

WATCH her reaction to the news below:

Cravalho will work alongside Dwayne Johnson, who plays Maui, a Pacific demigod who joins Moana on her adventure. “I am very excited about that, my gosh,” Cravalho explained, “I’ve never heard him sing before so it’s going to be really interesting!”

Moana is set to release on Nov. 23, 2016, but in the meantime, you can check out Everything You Need to Know About the Next 10 Disney Movies.