Meet the Seven Psychopaths of ‘Seven Psychopaths’ — TRAILER

ALTOh, and you thought your group of friends was wild and crazy because of that one night when you snuck some wine into the movie theater and then spilled popcorn everywhere and went to Denny’s afterwards and made a total mess all over your shirt while trying to eat some Moons of My Hammy. Oh yeah, you’re nuts!

Well, wait until you meet the crew in Seven Psychopaths. This is a crew of guys (Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell) who kidnap dogs and then return them to their owners for a reward. Then one day they steal a dog from a crime lord even more insane than they are (Woody Harrelson). Oh and there are some schizo girlfriends too (Olga Kurylenko, Abbie Cornish). Wait, is that seven? No! OH! Tom Waits is a guy with a bunny. Every movie needs one of those.

Considering how much fun the mad-cap gang caper of In Bruges was, it looks like we can expect more of the same from director Martin McDonagh and probably another great performance from Farrell. And plenty of antics to put your trip to Denny’s to shame.

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