Meg Ryan, John Lithgow & More To Star In ‘Saints’

ALT TEXTWell, here’s an interesting group of actors all set for the same film.

Meg Ryan, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, John Lithgow, Joe Anderson, and Kat Dennings are all starring in writer/director Chris Rossi’s upcoming ensemble drama, Lives of the Saints.

The movie tells the story of a group of Los Angeles residents who seek redemption for past mistakes. They all have separate story lines but eventually everything comes together in the end from unlikely places. Saints will start filming on November 13 in L.A.

Doesn’t that sound familiar? Oh yeah, it does — because Crash told that same story a few years ago. Look, I know it won Best Picture, but why in the world would a studio produce essentially the same film? Even the actors line up similarly to those in Paul Haggis’ gripping drama. 50 Cent = Ludacris, Meg Ryan = Sandra Bullock,  John Lithgow = Tony Danza, and so forth.

Obviously no one has seen the film yet, so it could and hopefully will be way different. But right now, I’m doubting it. But at least there’s one good thing coming from this news. We get to see John Lithgow in a movie again. After his stint as the creepy serial killer in Dexter last season, I’m excited to see what he brings with Crash 2.

Source: Variety