Melissa McCarthy Goes To School In ‘Life of the Party’ Trailer


Back in 1986, the late great Rodney Dangerfield made a cinema classic called “Back to School” where a fun loving dad follows his son when he goes to college and decides to enroll himself. Now Melissa McCarthy is doing basically a remake of it.

Deanna (McCarthy) is a housewife whose husband dumps her. She’s depressed and with her daughter going to college she’s inspired to go back and get her degree. While there her daughter gives her a makeover, she gets some confidence and ends up having sex with a college boy. Can Deanna get through school, and can Deanna’s daughter survive her mom?

Who knows how this movie will end up from the first trailer, but I feel Melissa is better than this. Only time will tell I suppose.


‘Life of the Party’ releases May 11, 2018.

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